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Biopeople Weighs New Voucher Program

The success of a In2Life Sciences voucher is spurring Biopeople into working with European partners on setting up a new voucher project.

Thanks to a €7000 In2Lifesciences voucher and the introduction to partners Biotrial and Eurosafe in France from Biopeople, Dermtreat was able to move forward with development of a proprietary amphilic electro spun patch – RIVELIN®– for local treatment of diseases in the oral cavity. 

Dermtreat needed to get proof of concept of the patch; Biotrial did the proof of concept analyses and Eurosafe soon became a valuable partner. “Eurosafe has extensive  experience within in vitro models for  characterization of drug penetration into biological membranes and estimation of cell toxicity of these compounds and the two companies are still in contact as intellectual sparring partners,” according to Biopeople.

“The voucher funding we received was of utmost importance,” states Lars Hellerung Christiansen, one of the company founders.  “We got financing for an important step in the development of our project which means that we by now have the necessary results to base further funding on. Furthermore, based on the collaboration financed by the voucher we met partners in France with very useful experience and knowledge. Today they are of outmost importance to us and our future process.”

Source: Biopeople

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