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The Development of Energy Efficient Freezers has led to our most energy efficient VIP ECO ULT Freezer!

An increasing awareness of our impact on the world around us combined with multi-national environmental initiatives has driven more and more laboratories to try and reduce their environmental footprint.

Reducing your lab’s energy consumption is a primary way to shrink the carbon footprint of your research facility, as well as save money, we want to help minimise your lab’s energy consumption and have long been dedicated to providing our customers with the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.

In 2012, we launched our first -86°C freezers with natural hydrocarbon refrigerants for reduced energy consumption and running costs. Now we introduce our latest development in energy efficient VIP Freezers for cost-saving and environmentally friendly sample storage within an optimal footprint: the MDF-DU702VH.

The naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants used in VIP ECO Ultra Low Temperature Freezers provide more efficient cooling due to their high latent heat of evaporation, which mean that these refrigerants remove heat more efficiently from the freezer cabinet than traditional ones.

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