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I love twice the sample security

You want the ultimate security for stable and reliable storage of your extremely valuable samples. We provide double the safety by design.news_item_visual _TwinGuard_765x574px_Twice_the_security TwinGuard’s Dual Cooling System differs significantly from conventional cascade refrigeration technology. In Dual Cool Systems, two independent refrigeration systems reliably maintain an ultra-low temperature environment, even if an unexpected failure should occur in one cooling circuit, the other can maintain the freezer in the -70ºC range until service can be arranged. This level of ultra-low temperature back-up cannot be achieved by conventional cascade systems.

The unique functionality is achieved through the use of two, completely independent, auto-cascade systems – the compressors, evaporators and cooling fans of the two systems operate separately from each other. Two efficient evaporator circuits surround the interior chamber in a strategically-designed arrangement to ensure the highest levels of temperature uniformity with either one, or both of the refrigeration systems functioning.

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