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The second day of NLSDays has begun

It’s time for the second and last day of the NLSDays 2016 and the day started off, as it ended yesterday, with a super session on oncology.

This morning, the focus lied on Oncology Diagnostics 2020 – new tools for precision oncology, with the speakers Carl Borrebäck from CREATE Health, Miro Venturi from Roche, Lao Saal, Saga Diagnostics, Gitte Pedersen from Genomic Expression and Kaisa Helminen from Fimmic. Moderator was Patrick Larcier.

Miro from Roche said that the future diagnostic will probably combine  imaging, IT and molecular diagnostics and that not only one company or one single technology will fulfill the need for the patient. The speakers also agreed on that with the right diagnostics millions of lives could be saved. “Early diagnostics can save more lives than therapy,” said Carl for example.

Gitte spoke about her company’s innovative technology. “With comprehensive genetic testing 1.7 million patients in Europe face an evidence-based death every year” and “we can cure cancer by genetically matching the patients to a drug that actually works” and “$100 billion is spent on cancer drugs while 8 million patients die.” She said that we have to change our way of treating and diagnosing cancer right now, and Carl agreed and emphasized that this new approach is necessary.

Lao spoke about his company SAGA Diagnostics and how he believed that “measuring ctDNA will be as important for cancer monitoring as blood sugers is for diabetes monitoring.”

Read more about Nordic solutions within oncology in our next issue of Nordic Life Science!