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Wieslab – Your Large Molecule Bioanalysis CRO Specialist

Wieslab focuses on selected areas within bioanalytical laboratory services; in particular, large molecules within immune-mediated diseases.

Offering a range of Bioanalytical services for non-clinical as well as clinical and post-marketing studies for pharma, biotech, and CRO customers, we work according to GLP, GCP to ensure that regulatory requirements are met.

With a range of immunoassays including ELISA, MSD, RIA, and cell-based assays, and more than 20 years’ experience in developing and running immunoassays, our offering also includes method development, optimization, validation, and sample analysis – all performed in a modern LIMS environment.

Through our parent company Euro Diagnostica we have access to a range of resources both in the form of technology and manpower. This means that we can scale up our business as required to meet project deadlines. Our goal is to provide key knowledge and analytical results, help our clients accelerate their drug development programs.

Our main areas of expertise are:
• Immunogenicity (ADA and Nab)
• Pharmacokinetics (PK)
• Biomarkers

Bioanalytical Services highlights
• Bioanalytical laboratory & CRO services according GLP and GCP
• Support for clinical as well as non-clinical studies
• Scientists experienced in developing and validating immunoassays
• Expertise in different technologies and methods
• Bioanalysis of biotherapeutics and biosimilars
• Immunogenicity testing
• Biomarkers measurement services
• Experienced in immune-mediated diseases
• Ligand-binding and cell-based assay services


Ligand binding assays (LBA)
• Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
– including assays with Acid Dissociation (AD)
• Mesoscale (MSD) Electrochemiluminescence (ECL)
• Radioimmunoassay(RIA)

Reporter Gene cell-based assays
• In vitro bioassays
• Potency assays for drug release
• Neutralizing antibody assays

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    Lundavägen 151
    SE-212 24 Malmö

    Phone: +46 (0)40-53 76 60
    Fax: +46 (0)40-43 28 90
    E-mail: info@wieslab.se

    Michael Benjamin Akoh
    VP Laboratory Services