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1-2 December 2021: SLUSH


Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship.

What started as a gathering of 300 local founders in 2008, has become a community of true global magnitude. The mission of Slush remains the same: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs.

Slush 2021 will bring together leading start-ups, investors and innovators for this year’s edition of the conference, taking place physically in Helsinki and designed for 8,000 individuals to attend. Slush focuses on creating and supporting the ideas and talent from the next generation of innovators, so the conference will seek to connect founders with industry leaders and influential figures in order to provide them with resources and knowledge that will help their advancement with initiatives.

Slush’s mission is to bring useful advice and resources to entrepreneurs, paving the way for digital and sustainable advancement. All this will be spotlighted at the conference, and in previous editions, speakers including successful founders, CEOs, and business leaders, as well as those involved in policy, have helped highlight key information for audiences.

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