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110 MSEK to the development of new biopharmaceuticals

Vinnova, RISE, University of Lund, University of Malmö and 12 companies are investing 110 million SEK during six years on a research center for the development of biopharmaceuticals.

“The new way of developing pharmaceuticals today often mean that the large companies acquires parts of the devlopment chain from smaller companies with specialist knowledge. We have noted that these companies have a capacity to grow,” says Marie Wahlgren, Professor in Pharmaceutical technology at LTH University of Lund and Vice Manger of the new center, called NextBioform.

The center has already been up-and-running for a year and has gathered participants from the Universities of Lund and Malmö, RISE and 12 life science companies. After the initial 1-year period they will now receive continued financing with 100 million SEK during four years.


Fantastic therapies – Bad products

Biological medicines can be effective against cancer and various chronic diseases such as rheumatism, but they are often short-lived and difficult for patients to handle. For example, they may be in the form of freeze-dried powders which must be dissolved before injection.

“The driving force behind this project for me is that we should have biological drugs that are easy to live with. Usually, I tell my students that biological drugs are fantastic therapies, but bad products. I hope I do not have to say that in the future,” says Wahlgren.