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13 Scandinavian start-ups granted EIT Health Headstart funding


The start-ups were selected from around 50 applicants and the funding will allow the start-ups to take steps towards market launch and commercialization.

The 13 start-ups represent solutions in medtech, digital health and diagnostics. They span areas from cancer diagnostics and multiparametric tests, surgical equipment, medical technologies related to Alzheimers, cancer treatment software, dental implants, machine intelligence systems, rehabilitation and stroke detection.

Supporting healthcare innovations

The HeadStart programme is designed to help start-ups and SMEs develop their healthcare innovations. Funding supports the next steps towards the market and shorten time-to-market for innovative products and services, verify the need of the product or service, and the benefit of the product or service for users, customers, health care providers and also for the EIT Health Partners and increase the possibility of attracting further private investment.

The applicants chosen by EIT Health Scandinava were evaluated by high-level experts representing the different regions in the Scandinavian-Estonian EIT Health node.

New health innovators

The winning start-ups and SME’s are located in most Scandinavian regions: from Uppsala and Stockholm, to Skåne, Copenhagen and Estonia. They are supported by academic, business and public Partners from EIT Health Scandinavia.

”We are excited to welcome these new health innovators to our EIT Health family, and support them on their journey to realize innovative solutions for European citizens and healthcare improvement,” says Christos Vaitsis and Zara Pons-Vila, in charge of business creation at EIT Health Scandinavia.

Companies granted funding

The Scandinavian companies granted funding are:

  • Collective Minds Radiology AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • A23 lab, Stockholm, Sweden
  • OncoAlgorithm, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Saga Surgical, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • BIOMETRIC, Tartu, Estonia
  • CathPrint, Stockholm, Sweden
  • VIOBAC, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • MM18 Medical, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Oncodia, Uppsala, Sweden
  • OptoCeutics, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • TIBA, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Medotemic AB, Lund, Sweden
  • Umansense, Lund, Sweden

Photo OptoCeutics: The company develops medical light that can restore the neuronal activity of Alzheimer’s patients and reduce plaque accumulation, which can turn out to be a breakthrough discovery that can lead to the development of new medical technologies. The technology is based on known gamma light therapy research, but combines the light in a new way that the flickering is non-perceptible and thus not hindering vision or causing discomfort.