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ChinaBio Partnering Forum

suzhou china

Suzhou, China’s life science hub, was the host of this year’s ChinaBio Partnering Forum.

China is today the world’s second largest and fastest growing major pharma market and the interest from companies and investors is huge. Suzhou, where this year’s ChinaBio Partnering event took place, is also an active biopharma hub and the home of several pharmaceutical and medical companies, both international and Chinese.

The event brought together biotech and pharma leaders from around the world, along with hundreds of China based developers of novel technologies, to capitalize on this high-growth potential.


“China is transforming into an innovation-based economy,” said Greg B. Scott, Founder of ChinaBio Group to EBD Group. “Suzhou BioBay has aggressively fostered innovation in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics, as well as research-related services. Many of the companies, as well as companies from all over China, are eager to partner with western companies.”

“At ChinaBio we meet many companies from here in China as well as from the US and Europe, and we can discuss possible collaborations to help bring new medicines to the market,” says Lianshan Zhang, PhD, President of Global R&D at Hengrui, a developer of novel cancer therapeutics in China.

The program included for example a plenary session on biologics, biosimilars, in- and outlicensing in China, top challenges in structuring China-related transactions, interesting company presentations and of course, lots of partnering and networking opportunities.

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