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22-25 March 2021: BIO-Europe Spring

BIO-Europe Spring

The fifteenth annual BIO-Europe Spring partnering conference will be held March 22-25 in a fully digital format.

The event will include on-demand early access to the company pitches, program sessions, and will sponsor and showcase company content up to five weeks prior to the live event for the best possible networking and meeting decisions once partnering begins.

The event was arranged digitally last year as well and one benefit of this format was that many people in time zones across the world were able to meet. EBD Group, the organizers of the event, also said that they received positive feedback around being able to do it all.

“Usually our attendees often have to choose between attending presentations or panel discussions and conducting partnering meetings. In this format they can do it all on their own schedule,” says Anna Chrisman, Group Managing Director of BIO-Europe Spring 2020.

She states that there were of course disappointments that the elements of informal networking could not be transferred to a digital format. “But in the end, the main value is in partnering, and the sentiment has shifted very quickly, as we are all coming to terms with the fact that most of our interactions are going to be virtual for a while,” explains Chrisman.

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Photo: BIO-Europe Spring, company presentations