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30 million NOK to corona-related health innovations

Iselin Nybo

The Norwegian government has given the Research Council of Norway the task of allocating 30 million NOK to health innovations aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This situation shows how extremely important it is to have a good cooperation between the healthcare and the health industry. Therefore we want to be a part of strengthening this collaboration within health research in Norway,” says Iselin Nybø (IN), the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry

“Real-time research, i.e. statistics, analyzes and monitoring, but also qualitative investigations will provide us with necessary knowledge to handle the situation and to handle similar occurrences in the future,” says John-Arne Røttingen, chief executive officer at the Research Council of Norway.

These means is an extension of the Research Council’s Emergency-call-covid-19, and the purpose is to expand the spektra of contributing participants and to stimulate partnerships that include Norwegian health companies. Public-private collaborations are now more important than ever, the government states in its press release.

Photo of Iselin Nybø: Marte Garman