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800 patients involved in NeuroVive’s Phase III study

Medical team discussing results with patient.

NeuroVive has announced that more than 800 patients are to be included in their ongoing European Phase III study with CicloMulsion for treatment of reperfusion injury following a heart attack.

The study is going according to the initial plan, says the company, and at the moment there are 44 active centers involved, in France, Belgium and Spain. The company expects to reach its goal by having 972 patients recruited to the study during the first quarter of 2014.

“We are very happy to see the end of the recruitment phase of the CIRCUS study, which means that the focus will be transferred to follow-up of the participating patients,” says Mikael Brönnegård, CEO of NeuroVive. “So far 346 patients have undergone follow-up after twelve months, which is around 35% of the patients. We have also augmented our resources to assure that high quality and complete data is collected from all participating centers. This will make our work of compiling more effective when the follow-up work is completed and the results of the study have been compiled.”