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Abera collaborates with strategic investors and executes a directed share issue

Abera Bioscience begins cooperation with three strategic investors and in connection with this, the board has decided to carry out a directed new share issue of 1,555,556 shares at a subscription price of SEK 3.60 per share, which adds to the company SEK 5.6 million before issue costs.

The three strategic investors are Gunnar Sachs and HW Investment Partners LLC owned by Mats Wahlström and Kerry R. Hicks.

“After thorough deliberation and a rigorous due diligence process, we are delighted to embark on a collaboration with Gunnar, Mats, and Kerry, welcoming them as shareholders in Abera. Their extensive experience and extensive network in the United States will significantly benefit Abera’s ongoing growth. The funds will be directly infused into the parent company, and in tandem with our new investors, we will continue our efforts to secure funding for phase 1 studies for the universal pneumococcal vaccine Ab-01.12,” says Maria Alriksson, CEO at Abera Bioscience.


The investor group can collectively nominate a representative to Abera’s board, who will then be elected at the upcoming annual meeting. Until then, this representative will assume an observation role on the company’s board.

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Gunnar Sachs

Gunnar Sachs is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur currently based in the USA with roots in Switzerland and Sweden. He hails from a family with a rich history of building successful industrial companies. His extensive experience and global network of investors are noteworthy.

Mats Wahlström

Mats Wahlström brings 40 years of experience in medical devices, healthcare services, and biotech. He has held leadership roles as CEO and CFO in prominent healthcare companies. Currently, Mats serves as the Chairman of the Board for TriSalus LifeSciences, Inc, Caduceus Medical Holdings, Inc, Triomed AB, and as co-Chairman for HW Investment Partners. He is a board member of several public and private life science companies. His prior roles include co-CEO of Fresenius Medical Care North America, CEO of Fresenius Medical Services, and various positions at Gambro AB, including President and CEO of Gambro North America, Gambro Healthcare, Inc., as well as the CFO of the Gambro Group. Mats has resided in the USA since 1990 and possesses an extensive industry network.

Kerry Hicks

Kerry Hicks has more than 35 years of experience with several healthcare companies. Kerry was the CEO and founder of Healthgrades, Inc., a healthcare information and services company. He presently serves as the co-Chairman for HW Investment Partners and Executive Chairman of Circuit Clinical Solutions, Inc. Kerry’s entrepreneurial journey, coupled with his experiences as CEO and Chairman of the Board, have seen him successfully establish multiple healthcare companies in the USA. He currently holds various board positions, including member of the board at the oncology company TriSalus Life Sciences.

Photo of Maria Alriksson, CEO at Abera Bioscience