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Abera conducts a directed share issue of SEK 4 million

In connection with the company’s decision to develop a nasal vaccine candidate for influenza, based on recent progress with its mucosal vaccine platform, the board of Abera has decided to conduct a directed new share issue.

Abera’s platform enables mucosal immunization, such as through nasal spray, which can inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria in mucosal membranes, thereby preventing both the spread of infection and disease outbreaks. Abera has demonstrated this phenomenon in several vaccine candidates, including pneumococcal and Covid-19.

“We, at Abera, choose to develop another vaccine candidate at this juncture due in part to our belief, based on previous research, that we have good chances of successfully developing an effective nasal influenza vaccine. Additionally, we see a sharp increase in interest in nasal vaccines, coupled with substantial investments in pandemic preparedness. A proof-of-concept (PoC) in influenza, combined with our earlier PoC in coronavirus, would be of high interest for both contributors and commercial entities. Taking on yet another market with billion-dollar sales potential where we can have unique advantages is certainly significant, and the outcome of upcoming studies will guide how we choose to handle further development,” says Maria Alriksson, CEO of Abera Bioscience.

The new share issue is primarily conducted to establish a proof-of-concept in influenza, cover intellectual property costs, and complement activities within the pandemic preparedness project funded by the UK Vaccine Network, as previously disclosed by the company.

Photo of Maria Alriksson: Abera