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AdjuTec Pharma strengthens the patent portfolio

AdjuTec Pharma has announced the approval of ZinChel II in Europe (EPO).

This is the most important patent family covering its lead product APC148, it states in a press release. The company has earlier received patent approval in the US and is working with the patent in other major markets including China and India.

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“Strengthening the patent portfolio of AdjuTec is of high importance to attract public and private funding and generate more value for our shareholders. Adjutec is committed to accelerate development of APC148 but will have an opportunistic view on new opportunities that supports our strategy and comply with company resources,” says Nicolaj Weiergang, AdjuTec Pharma Chairman of the Board.

The Hanox patent, recently approved in the US

AdjuTec has recently signed a new patent (Hanox) from professor Pål Rongved, covering a product for treatment of multidrug resistant tuberculosis (TB-MDR).

TB is the most critical pathogen on the WHO list and affects 10 million people world-wide per year, with the majority of patients living in South-East Asia. There is a concern with increasing resistance (TB-MDR), reaching more than 200.000 cases. The direct cost of treating a person with TB-MDR increases with severity of resistance, and range from $134.000-430.000 (CDC, 2014).

The first new product for TB-MDR in 40 years (bedaquiline) was recently approved in the US, but carries a risk of disturbing side-effects. The Hanox patent was recently approved in the US and is pending in Europe. Adjutec is applying for public grants to accelerate the development of this asset.

Photo of Pål Rongved, professor at the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo (UiO) and CEO/CSO of AdjuTec Pharma