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Allenex sells Anamar

Investment company Allenex has agreed to sell its holding in Anamar AB to the company’s main owner Koncentra Holding.

Allenex became an owner in AnaMar 1998, whose focus area is chronic joint diseases. However, Allenex has not participated in the financing of AnaMar in recent years and the equity that now is being sold equal about 2,1 % of the total share capital in AnaMar. The Allenex book value of this equity is zero. The deal will therefore mean corresponding revenue for Allenex in the second quarter of 2013.

”By selling our remaining holding in AnaMar, we have now divested all holdings in life science research companies. The transformation of Allenex into an operational company within transplantation diagnostics is thereby fully implemented”, said Allenex CEO Anders Karlsson in a comment.

The sale will be finished in June and the price is set to SEK 1,7 million.