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Almi Invest invests in Strike Pharma

Mårten Winge
Almi Invest will invest just over 2 million SEK in the newly founded Uppsala-based company Strike Pharma. As previously reported by NLS, an immunotherapeutic cancer vaccine delivery-platform has been developed at the SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform (DDD). The researchers will continue to develop the method within the framework of the newly started company, Strike Pharma AB, in which they unite researchers from Uppsala University and KTH, among others. High potential “We believe that it is the right environment for us to take the next step regarding the design and production of the specific antibody that we have developed. If we reach our goal it can lead to a significantly shorter path to cancer treatment, but we have also identified great potential concerning outside cancer. In Strike Pharma AB, we muster a very competent line-up and have the funding to take us a long way, so the future definitely looks promising,” says Sara Mangsbo, SciLifeLab Group Leader, Associate Professor, Uppsala University. Read more: A new Swedish immunotherapeutic cancer vaccine delivery-platform The next step In the issue of nearly 10 million SEK also private investors are participating. The funding will be used for the development of a first version of the cancer drug. The treatment is given as a shot in the arm and since the antibody to a certain degree is targeted no high doses will be needed, which significantly reduces the risks for side effects. "This investment enables us to take the next step and show that we can produce our drug candidate on a larger scale in an effective way," says Mårten Winge, CEO, Strike Pharma. Photo of Mårten Winge
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