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AlzeCure receives approval to start clinical Phase Ib trial

Martin Jönsson

AlzeCure Pharma has received approval from regulatory authorities in Germany to initiate a clinical Phase Ib study with the drug candidate ACD440.

ACD440 is a drug candidate for topical use, i.e as a gel or cream, within AlzeCure’s Painless platform and focused on neuropathic pain. ACD440 has previously undergone Phase I clinical trials in which the drug candidate’s tolerability has been evaluated and early efficacy signals observed.

Results are expected in H1 2021

The upcoming Phase Ib study with ACD440 has the primary study objective to evaluate safety and tolerability, as well as efficacy and so-called proof-of-mechanim data with the topical preparation. Study results are expected in H1 2021.

“Our aim has been to initiate two clinical studies before year end, and it is with great pleasure that we can announce the approval to start a Phase Ib study with ACD440, just recently after we received the approval for a clinical Phase I study with ACD856 in Alzheimer’s disease. Neuropathic pain is, just as Alzheimer’s, a disease area with extensive undertreatment where a majority of patients are not expected to receive adequate pain relief. The need for more effective pharmaceuticals is massive, and I look forward to starting our first study with this promising drug candidate soon,” says Martin Jönsson, CEO of AlzeCure Pharma.

Photo of Martin Jönsson: AlzeCure Pharma