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Antaros Medical wins SwedenBIO Award

This year’s SwedenBIO Award was given to the imaging technology company Antaros Medical, for their innovative imaging solution that aids the understanding of how medicines work in the human body.

Antaros Medical’s CEO and co-founder Johannes Hulthe received the SwedenBIO Award on December 6, in a prize ceremony held in connection with this year’s SwedenBIO Summit at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

Antaros Medical

Antaros Medical was founded in 2014 to utilize innovative imaging to provide critical evidence-based decision support for pharma companies in clinical development phase. Today, they have established themselves as a strategic development partner to the pharmaceutical industry, combining groundbreaking imaging with profound experience of drug development and a deep knowledge in disease mechanisms.


“Receiving this award is an incredible acknowledgment of the value that we bring. This award is also an important acknowledgment of all the work our staff carry out – this wouldn’t be possible without them,” says Johannes Hulthe. “We know that we’re at the forefront of our technology, but none of that matters unless we can bring value to our clients. It’s fantastic to be recognized for our achievements also in this context by actors outside our client base.”

About SwedenBIO Award

SwedenBIO Award is given annually in collaboration with HealthCap, to a life science company that has shown outstanding achievements and contributions to society and that exemplifies the potential of a strong Swedish life-science industry. This year’s three award finalists were Antaros Medical, Genovis, and Hansa Biopharma.

This year’s three award finalists were Antaros Medical, Genovis, and Hansa Biopharma.

Speaking on behalf of the jury, SwedenBIO’s Chair of the Board Lotta Ljungqvist said: ”We’re very pleased to give SwedenBIO Award to Antaros Medical this year. It’s an exciting innovative company that has managed to build up a broad international clientele, for which they deserve to be recognized.”

”We think it’s tremendously important to shine a light on companies that have continued to move forward in good and bad weather. We want to celebrate the success of Antaros Medical, which also represents the positive development of the life science industry at large,” said Eugen Steiner, Venture Partner at HealthCap, who handed out the award onstage at the summit.

The jury consist of SwedenBIO’s board: Lotta Ljungqvist, 4L Bioconsulting; Christine Wesström, Sobi; Anders Persson, AstraZeneca; Kertin Falck, Pfizer; Niels Abel Bonde, Novo Nordisk Sweden; Carl Kilander, HealthCap; Sana Alajmovic, Sigrid Therapeutics; and Torkel Gren, Recipharm.

Photo of Johannes Hulthe, Antaros Medical, and Lotta Ljungqvist, SwedenBIO.