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Patient Safety Awareness Week is now, and here are our thoughts

This week we observe Patient Safety Awareness Week, which is specially close to the hearts of our Pharmacovigilance team.

Here is a short story from our Consultant Karin Nylander about how Pharmacovigilance contributes to the safety of medicines and treatments, worldwide.

The thalidomide catastrophe was an event in the 1960s where unsafe medicinal use by mothers resulted in thousands of children being born with congenital deformities. This brought to life our branch, Pharmacovigilance, which plays a crucial role in patient safety today.

Pharmacovigilance is the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse events or any other possible drug-related problems. One of its pillars is the collection and reporting of adverse events to competent authorities. This  helps us to maintain the optimal risk/benefit balance of medicinal products, giving patients an opportunity to have safe and efficient treatment.

We continuously monitor adverse events during the product’s lifecycle to quickly identify any harm that could come to patients. We obtain safety data from all the available sources: physicians, patients and scientific publications to keep an eye on new safety concerns and react appropriately.

This would be impossible without close collaboration with reporters, especially consumers, who voluntarily share their individual experience on medicines’ use. Every piece of reported information is vital and counts towards a better understanding on how the medicinal product performs. Summarizing the safety data received, we update the safety section in the package leaflet and provide better guidelines on how to use the medicine safely, which is a win-win for all parties.

Arex Advisor would like to recognize the importance of Patient Safety Awareness Week and all the work being done towards putting patient safety first.

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