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Dr Juho Bah joins Arex Advisor

The Manufacturing and Control team at Arex Advisor has gained a new member – Juho Bah. Juho is a senior professional in Regulatory Affairs whose main focus areas are CMC, global regulatory projects, technology transfers and life-cycle management.

After obtaining a PhD in Organic Chemistry from KTH, Juho worked in companies of varied sizes and therapeutic profiles, taking on various regulatory responsibilities. In the beginning of his career he spent a few years at Astra Zeneca before taking a senior role within Regulatory Affairs for Mylan, and thereafter Trimb Healthcare and Karo Pharma. Among pharmaceutical product development functions most frequently assigned to his role were technology transfers, life-cycle management, and safety/quality issues.

Linda Thunell, CEO of Arex Advisor:

Juho’s skill profile is at an opportune intersection between Regulatory Affairs and Drug Development. It is here that most of our customers’ greatest needs often lie. We enjoy having on board his competence and acumen, combined with a true passion for technology transfers and CMC.

About Arex Advisor:

We are committed, in heart and mind, to the development and commercialization of important new medicines. With our experience and dedication we are able to help our clients stay one step ahead in pharmaceutical project planning and development. This can ease the way towards successful commercialization in Europe and globally and, ultimately, improve the lives of patients.


Linda Thunell


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