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AZ Adopts e-Commerce Platform

Assay Depot, Inc., in conjunction with Astra Zeneca, recently developed and launched a preclinical research e-commerce platform called the AstraZeneca Innovation Marketplace (AIM). The program helps accelerate research and shorten the research cycle by automating legal and administrative processes.

“AIM simplifies the purchase of preclinical services from our external partners. It will make our researchers’ lives simpler and give them fingertip access to essential research resources,” said Dapo Ajayi, AstraZeneca’s chief procurement officer. In the future, the AIM platform will be the primary means for AstraZeneca to do business with preclinical research suppliers, he added. AIM is directly connected to AstraZeneca’s purchasing system.

Besides providing an easier way to access scientific materials, AIM standardizes legal and billing paperwork and simplifies the purchase of research services from a list of 10,000 global preclinical suppliers.

The platform’s use is not limited to large pharmaceutical companies. Assay Depot recently launched an external sourcing service for small pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academic research institutes.

Source: Assay Depot