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Athera allowed US composition of matter patents for therapeutic antibodies

Carina Schmidt

Athera Biotechnologies has announced that two composition of matter patents have been allowed for antibodies with binding to phosphorylcholine, PC.

The PC target is part of modified phospholipids and has been characterized as an active driver of vascular inflammation. The therapeutic antibodies covered by the patents are designed to target and block PC and thereby reduce inflammation.

“Our lead candidate PC-mAb is covered by these patents and we are thrilled with the progress of the project through early clinical development and towards the upcoming Phase 2a study” says Carina Schmidt, CEO of Athera.

The clinical stage fully human antibody PC-mAb from Athera is designed to mimic the anti-inflammatory role of endogenous antibodies against PC and act to support the immune response to vascular inflammation challenges and thereby reduce the risk for complications in immunovascular diseases.