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BC Platforms collaborates with Nexus


BC Platforms has signed a contract with Nexus Personalized Health Technologies to create a joint translational research driven offering connecting genetic and clinical information to enable new innovative patient centric solutions in healthcare.

Nexus is a provider of services to biomedical researchers in bioinformatic and biostatistical data analysis and will facilitate data integration among different technology-enabling groups of ETH Zurich and hospitals generating clinical data.

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms commented: “Together Nexus and BC Platforms have the capabilities to provide powerful healthcare solutions to our partners.  We now have the tools and technologies for the interpretation of complex proprietary genomic data in combination with publicly available clinical data through local initiatives in Switzerland and internationally.”

Dr Daniel Stekhoven, Head of the Clinical Bioinformatics Unit within Nexus at ETH Zurich commented:  “Nexus is committed to integrating genomic data alongside clinical data to become a leader in translational research in order to provide the best clinical outcomes for patients. We are pleased to be working with BC Platforms, a leader in genomic software management systems, to provide joint solutions to tackle current genomic data challenges and practically link those to clinical benefits.”

Source: BC Platforms