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Better methods provide new drugs faster

Methods for more effective design of clinical trials have been investigated in a new dissertation from Gothenburg University.

Since many studies are formed and analyzed through statistical methods, it also implies that better statistics lead to reduced costs for the development of new drugs, according to the findings. Better statistical methods can also speed up the process so that the medicine is availabale at an earlier stage. “Often there is a wish to launch a certain dosage of the drug, which demands the proof that the dosage is secure and efficient. It is mainly done in a large study. Before the study is commenced there is still insecurity about the drug’s properties and there is a risk that the chosen dosage does not live up to the criteria,” said Vera Lisovskaja at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Gothenburg University.
To improve the chance for a successful study researchers can for instance do trials with different doses or change the statistical design so that it better can discover if the drug has any effect. Liskovskaja’s research result also show that small changes in design, for example by using a different statistical test that is optimized by a certain situation, can substantially improve the probability for success in a clinical trial.