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Alexa Fluor®* 647 FluoroNanogold™ 2-in-1 immunolabeling for Super-Res!

Simultaneously label for Super-Res AND TEM / light microscopes
in a single, standard immunolabeling procedure.

Each secondary antibody / Fab’ includes TWO labels
–Covalently bound for stability and long working times:

Fluorescent dye for imaging in Super-Resolution
Nanogold® particles mark your target for TEM, or light microscopy

Finally– Put your Super-Res images into cellular context!

Reveal your fluorescent labeling in traditional microscopes,
where you can see the surrounding cell structures!
TEM, light microscope, phase contrast, etc.
Adaptable to any resolution, for ultimate flexibility in correlative studies
Easy enhancement kits grow the Nanogold® as big as you like

More about Nanoprobes: For pricing and availability:

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