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Gold is the new silver!

Silver enhancement has long been used by microscopists to better visualize gold labeling, especially when using small gold particles.

With GoldEnhance™, gold ions are specifically deposited around the gold nanoparticle, growing it in size, and offering several advantages over silver.

For TEM, the 1.4 nm Nanogold® can be enlarged to 3-20 nm for clear visiblility, even at low magnifications. Using an initial small gold immunoprobe allows better penetration into tissues (up to 40 microns!) and better labeling of antigens. Then gold enhancement makes everything clearly visible.
The development time can be extended to deposit more gold and make the signal visible by bright field (or reflection) light microscopy. With a little more development time, the signal can be seen by the naked eye, and can be used with dot blots or Westerns.

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