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qPCR Probes and Primers – All in ONE Tube

Custom probes and primers for real-time PCR combined together within a single tube for your convenience

Biosearch Technologies can now deliver custom probes and primers combined together within a single tube according to the ratio you specify. This formulation minimizes pipetting error and simplifies your protocol by providing mixed oligonucleotides ready for amplification.

Primer quantities can be flexibly adjusted around a specified probe amount of either 0.5 nmol, 5 nmol, or 20 nmol delivered. Probe to primer ratios can range anywhere from 1:1 to 1:4.5 according to your preference. The 0.5 nmol probe option is only available for mixed assays containing a FAM-BHQ® probe. Please refer to the Product Listings tab to view all dye-quencher combinations available for mixed sets comprising a custom BHQ probe and primers.
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