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TOKU-E Company is committed to serving the worldwide life sciences industry by providing innovative antimicrobial products  to scientists for their research.

We are happy to provide these quality tools to customers in Scandinavia.




Cell Culture

Cancer Research


Plant Biology






EvoPure® is a product line developed by the TOKU-E R&D team which employs proprietary chemical separation methods to produce highly purified, single antimicrobial congeners, metabolites, and impurities, most >99% pure.

The composition of most USP and EP pharmaceutical products is generally not limited to a single compound, but rather, a mixture containing one or two major compounds and other congeners (related compounds and impurities). EvoPure® products can be used in several in vitro applications:

  • Analytical reference standards
  • Upstream pharmaceutical product manufacturing
  • Gene selection – microbiology, eukaryotic cell biology, plant biology
  • Toxicity studies


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