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BioArctic’s CEO named “Pharmacist of the Year”

Sveriges Farmaceuter, a Swedish professional association for pharmacists, has chosen BioArctic’s CEO, Gunilla Osswald, as this year’s recipient of the “Pharmacist of the Year” award.

This recognition has been awarded annually since 1983 by the association’s Board of Directors to a pharmacist active in Sweden who has helped to reinforce, develop or consolidate the role of pharmacy in society, according to the association.

“I am extremely happy and honored by this award. I may be viewed as a somewhat unusual pharmacist because my career path has been different from the traditional one, but at a research-intensive biopharma company, which I lead today, it is good to have this background and knowledge. It also shows what a very good foundation our education is, opening doors to many different activities where a pharmacist can make a significant difference,” says Gunilla Osswald, CEO of BioArctic.

Gunilla plans to donate her award to Alzheimerfonden

The prize ceremony was held on October 17 and was arranged by Sveriges Farmaceuter. In addition to the honor, the prize consists of an award of SEK 10,000. Gunilla plans to donate her award to Alzheimerfonden, the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation, an organization that is dear to Gunilla’s heart. BioArctic also regularly supports the work of Alzheimerfonden.

“My driving force has always been to be part of the development of new drugs. Ever since completing my education at Uppsala University, I have known that I wanted to be involved in creating the medicines of the future that can help patients with high unmet medical needs. Today, I lead a research-intensive biopharma company that works on developing these potential future therapies in areas such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Our most advanced drug candidate, BAN2401, is currently in a global clinical Phase 3 study in Alzheimer’s patients. It is our hope that one day this candidate drug will be the medicine of the future that can truly help Alzheimer’s patients, who today have no pharmaceutical help other than symptom relief,” concludes Gunilla Osswald.

Sveriges Farmaceuter is a trade union and professional association that is part of Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations.