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Biomedicum inaugurated


On Friday, Karolinska Institute’s new research building Biomedicum, in Solna north of Stockholm, was inaugurated.

The new building includes five institutions and is designed to create natural interactions and collaborations between different research areas. It has room for 1 600 scientists on 65 000 square metres.

An important hub

The new building is located between Aula Medica and the Widerströmska huset and has a direct connection to BioClinicum, the clinical research environment at the Karolinska University Hospital, through a physical passage above the Solna road. Due to its closeness to BioClinicum, the new hospital, SciLife Lab, comparative medicine and other research facilities at Campus Solna and Campus Nord, Biomedicum will become a hub in Karolinska Institute’s research and a research center at the international frontline, states Karolinska Institutet in a press release.

Photo of Biomedicum AulaMedica exterior: Stefan Zimmerman