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Biomedicum is Building of the Year 2019 in Sweden

The building, designed by C.F. Møller Architects, is a new laboratory building for modern research for the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, with Akademiska Hus as the developer and Skanska as the contractor.

“We are both happy and proud that Biomedicum is receiving this prize. Thanks to the excellent collaboration with Akademiska Hus and the Karolinska Institute, the building has achieved a high level of architectural quality,” says Mårten Leringe, Partner and Architect at C.F. Møller Architects.

A unique focal point for interdisciplinary research and collaboration

The Project Director, Hayar Gohary from Akademiska Hus, who is the project’s developer, shares Mårten’s enthusiasm.

“We’re incredibly proud that Biomedicum has been named Building of the Year. The objective has been to create a unique focal point for interdisciplinary research and collaboration. This award is an expression of the success in our work process and, through excellent collaboration with all the parties involved, our creation of an optimum balance between cost, time and quality,” he states in a press release from Akademiska Hus.


Photo Mark Hadden

A Swedish research powerhouse

Biomedicum was inaugurated in the summer of 2018 and will be a powerhouse for research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The Institute’s research facilities were previously spread around the entire campus – a green park area with red brick buildings first erected in the 1930s.


Photo Mark Hadden

The new building is not just intended to be a building in the campus park – it will also accommodate the park within its walls. With a glass-covered green atrium, the campus area’s outdoor space continues through the building, enhancing the green campus area’s social properties – promoting knowledge-sharing and an interdisciplinary approach.


Photo Mark Hadden

The building’s openness, thanks to a transparent, inviting basement – with access to the atrium, café and public exhibition space – also creates new connections through the park, opening up the Karolinska Institute to the city and the planned new university hospital Nya Karolinska Solna (NKS) immediately adjacent to it.


Photo Mark Hadden

There is room for a total of 1,600 researchers and employees at Biomedicum.