About Bioneer

Bioneer is a Danish, not-for-profit, R&D-based company owned by the Technical University of Denmark and specialized in early validation of pharmaceutical candidates, formulation development- and characterization and recombinant protein production. Bioneer is an approved technological service partner (accreditation from the Danish government), and thereby committed to develop advanced technologies for the Danish- and international biotech industry.

Early validation studies are carried out through human disease models based on iPSC (stem cell reprogramming) technology, immune pathway models (DC & T-cell) and biomarker- and histological analysis. In the preclinical stage, Bioneer offer compound- and formulation characterization and development, including ADME properties (small molecules & biologics). Additionally, Bioneer possess a unique, advanced dynamic gut model, which allows the prediction of bio-performance in a physiological in-vitro model. Finally, Bioneer has vast experience with production of recombinant proteins in advanced microbial- and mammalian strains and can offer strain development and -optimization along with upstream- and downstream process development.

Bioneer is serving a large portion of Danish (and international) biotech companies in discovery- and preclinical phases. Furthermore, we collaborate internationally in the framework of EU and Eurostars.

We welcome discussions with companies, universities and hospitals on potential projects and collaboration possibilities.


Hans Christian L. Wegge
Business Development Manager
Mobile: +45 2442 5855
E-mail: hcw@bioneer.dk

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