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Biosergen receives innovation grant


The Norwegian biotech company Biosergen AS, developing new drugs based on the approach ‘engineered biosynthesis’, has received the BIA innovation award from the Research Council of Norway. 181 companies submitted applications for BIA funding and Biosergen AS belongs to the 50 awarded ones.

Based on their expertise in biosynthetic engineering, Biosergen AS is currently running a development program for systemic fungal infections, with a candidate drug in pre-clinical development.

“This innovation grant means a lot for our research and also for patients worldwide suffering from diseases caused by systemic fungal infections. It will directly strengthen our opportunities to turn our innovation efforts into improved treatments,” says Anders Kronström, the CEO of Biosergen.
“We also see this award as an essential recognition to our research and the unique capabilities which our scientists and collaboration partners possess. No doubt, this is an appreciation
which we proudly share with the entire Nordic Life Science community,” says Torsten Goesch, Biosergen AS Chairman of the Board and Partner of Rosetta Capital Ltd.