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BioSilta acquires worldwide rights to CyDisCo


BioSilta, a privately-held company that utilizes its EnBase technology platform to develop reagent-based EnPresso bacterial and yeast expression culture systems, has acquired a license to worldwide exclusive rights to CyDisCo (Cytoplasmic Disulphide bond formation in E. coli) protein production technology from the University of Oulu.

This license agreement will enable BioSilta will combine its EnPresso culture systems technology with CyDisCo protein production technology to make EnPresso-CyDisCo expression systems available to scientists and bio-processing engineers. As part of the agreement, BioSilta will also have future access to those that invented and enhanced the CyDisCo protein production technology for future R&D consultation, Prof. Lloyd Ruddock and his group from the University of Oulu Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Future intellectual property will be shared between both parties.

The BioSilta EnPresso-CyDisCo technology will be essential towards five major industries that need production of difficult and hard to produce proteins. These industries include life sciences, where small to medium scale production of proteins in a short time scale is essential to support research. The diagnostic industry will also benefit, with proteins essential for early detection of critical diseases, and the therapeutics industry, for the development of novel biologic drugs and lowering the cost of production of bio-similar and bio-better drugs.


“This is a critical deal for BioSilta, enabling the combination of two technologies that will become a major part of future efforts of the company. This will enable us to address multiple, critical unmet needs in protein production that will be applicable to a wide variety of industries,” said Paul Whitaker, Managing Director, BioSilta. “As a former spin-out of the University of Oulu, BioSilta already has maintained extensive links with the academic institution, and this has resulted in access to a technology which provides an essential solution to wide ranging problems across a variety of sectors. BioSilta’s on-going research & development is directed to solving other critical problems within these sectors through a series of future efforts.”