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Brighter signs agreement with Sonat


Brighter has selected Sonat as its development partner for the upcoming launch of Actiste, Brighter’s connected diabetes solution.

Sonat specializes in developing, managing and running logistics processes, and will together with Brighter develop a strong logistics platform that facilitates growth and international expansion.

Under the agreement, Sonat will take on a partner role and drive the development of a logistics platform that enables rapid growth and expansion to new markets. Sonat will also act as an outsourced logistics function, which includes responsibility for forecasts, inventory control, availability, order planning, transportation administration, delivery monitoring and ongoing problem solving.

“The Actiste launch is approaching, and it is crucial that we have professional partners in all of the relevant areas. Just like our production partner Sanmina, Sonat adds valuable expertise. That in combination with our agreements with Telia and Indosat Ooredoo will ensure a successful launch on applicable markets. Sonat’s clients include Apoteket, Svenska Retursystem and Varner Ibrahimovic, among others, and they have many times demonstrated their capability in terms of supplying world-class logistics solutions,” says Truls Sjöstedt, CEO and founder of Brighter.

Cooperation with Sonat will be initiated immediately. With this partnership, Brighter, which is currently in the industrialization phase, has ensured all of the partnerships it requires for the initial launch of Actiste on selected markets. In July 2016, Brighter teamed up with Sanmina, its global manufacturing partner, and shortly after Brighter signed an agreement with Telia for subscription services in Sweden, with an option for the Nordic countries. Brighter has also signed an agreement with Indosat Ooredoo, an Indonesian mobile network operator. In addition, Brighter has an on-going close partnership with Ericsson regarding its Device Connection Platform.

“This is an extremely invigorating assignment that we are looking forward to implementing. Over the course of 17 years, we have accumulated an enormous amount of expertise and experience. With Brighter, we have an opportunity to combine the hands-on aspect of our 4PL operations with our extensive strategic know-how. We have extensive experience from both large and small companies, some in the start-up phase and some more established, but all with the same growth aspirations as Brighter,” says Kjell Rundqvist, CEO of Sonat.