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Camallergy and OnDosis enter strategic collaboration

The partnership is set to transform the way food allergies (including peanut allergy) are treated and will combine Camallergy’s therapies with OnDosis’ Dosage Manager device technology.

The drug-device combination aims to address the challenges physicians face in offering oral immunotherapy, making the treatment more accessible for patients, the company states. Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a technique to retrain the body’s immune system to tolerate food allergens. It works by taking regular oral doses of the allergen, which start low and build gradually towards a maintenance dose.

OnDosis brings a novel electromechanical Dosage Manager to this collaboration.

“Collaborating with Camallergy allows us to bring our vision of precision medicine to a critical area of need. Our Dosage Manager device technology, combined with Camallergy’s innovative therapies, promises to transform the landscape of food allergy treatment, aiming to make it safer and more accessible for millions worldwide,” says Martin Olovsson, CEO of OnDosis.

Camallergy is currently in discussions with regulatory authorities including the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in preparation for clinical trials for peanut allergy in the UK and abroad.

“This partnership with OnDosis represents a pivotal moment in our mission to tackle food allergies. By integrating our expertise in oral immunotherapy with OnDosis’ cutting-edge electromechanical dosing technology, we are uniquely placed to make oral immunotherapy practical and economically viable for both patients and physicians,” says Sherden Timmins, CEO of Camallergy.

Photo of Martin Olovsson: HR Foto/OnDosis