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Capitainer secures three US patents

Capitainer has announced the grant of three US patents for their soon to be launched plasma/serum separation device.

“These patents reinforce our strategic position, facilitating Capitainer’s expansion in the US market. The recognition from the United States Patent Office is a testament to the technological advancements we’ve achieved. This enables us to extend our advanced solutions to a broader range of healthcare providers and researchers,” says Christopher Aulin, CEO at Capitainer.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Capitainer three patents related to their plasma/serum separation device, CapitainerSEP10. The patents cover the developed microfluidic solutions that enable patients to sample at home without any more demands than applying fresh finger blood to the card. The patents ensure that Capitainer’s technology is patent-protected in the US until at least 2042. Additionally, there are several patent applications currently pending in various markets around the world.

“Our solution is unique on the market, having solved the technical challenges that enable whole blood separation of cells from plasma/serum. While the patient engages in the initial step of pricking their finger and applying the blood to the card, our technology then takes over. It automates the subsequent processes of separation and precise volume measurement,” says Anna Ohlander, R&D Manager at Capitainer. “This solution aligns with the overall characteristics of the Capitainer sampling platform to make it easy to sample accurately with quality for clinical diagnostics.”

Photo: Capitainer