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Capitainer’s COVID-19 test suitable for clinical population testing

Capitainer test

Capitainer has announced that its home self-sampling kit proves 97% effective for clinical mass-testing of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy.

In a recent Swedish large scale population study, 97% of the samples self-collected and returned to the lab by private individuals met the official quality standard for accurate analysis resulting in clinical diagnosis, states the company in a press release.

“I am extremely happy to see the excellent performance of our self-sampling technology. We can now say with confidence that large-scale population testing can be based on self-sampling at home with our product. We have shown that clinical analysis of antibodies against the virus causing Covid-19 using samples collected on our cards works in a real-world setting. We envision a growing need for large-scale testing to ensure that the immunity created by the various vaccines protects against further spread of the disease and illness, especially since new mutations of the virus continue to emerge. We are currently building additional capacity for meeting these needs,” says Christopher Aulin, CEO if Capitainer.

Employed in other studies

Capitainer’s home sampling technology is already employed in other studies.

“Last week, our collaborating laboratory Xerum in Umeå announced the start of a study performed for the Public Health Agency in Sweden using the Capitainer card for home self-sampling of dried blood spots for analyzing the duration of immunity in individuals who have recovered after the disease,” says Christopher Aulin. “And a couple of months ago, we announced a collaboration with Harvard Medical School using our qDBS system for home sample collection in a nation-wide COVID-19 study in the US.”

Photo of Capitainer qDBS: Capitainer