About Chas Hude

Chas. Hude A/S is one of the leading companies in Denmark within the field of IPR. When we advise on Intellectual Property Rights, we create value so that your patents, trademarks, designs and domains are protected, managed and developed as business assets.

We have a wide span of IPR areas of expertise, so that both core knowledge, ideas and IPR strategy are in safe hands with us. With IPR TOTALTM, we also ensure that different kinds of business areas are linked so that you have access to a full range of professional and competent attorneys.

Within the field of patent consultancy our areas of expertise are organic and inorganic chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, medical engineering, electronics, software, mechanics in general, mechanic technology and plastic materials science.

Chas. Hude was founded in 1896 and employs 45 employees. Read more about our value-creating employees at chashude.com.

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