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CLS gets green light for new study

Clinical Laserthermia Systems has been given another approval by the Ethical Review Board for a clinical study in Europe.

The company, which develops and markets Interstitial Laser Thermo Therapy, a polyclinical hyperthermic (heat-induced) cancer immunotherapy for gentle and effective treatment of solid cancer tumors, has received final approval for a previously communicated study in France. The study in France regards skin cancer, while the new approval, for CLS’ other European study, refers to breast cancer.

“As a result of these approvals we now intensify a number of activities in regards to the studies, such as recruitment of patients, trainings for medical staff at the clinics, and equipment delivery. We are planning to start at least two studies during the period of September-November this year,” said CEO Lars-Erik Eriksson at CLS in a press release.