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Cobra Biologics and QuiaPEG collaborate


Contract Manufacturing Organisation Cobra Biologics and biotech company QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB have announced a strategic alliance.

The collaboration will be focused on the processing of biological drugs to increase half-life and reduce production costs by using a new PEGylation technology platform. PEGylation is the modification of a protein, peptide or non-peptide molecule by linking polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains to extend a drugs effect by reducing degradation, and reducing the rate of excretion by the kidneys and the formation of antibodies against the protein. PEGylation plays a key role in modern drug delivery, maximising the potential of the therapeutic substance.

“We have seen a significant increase in enquiries for PEGylation services and look forward to working with QuiaPEG and their innovative PEGylation technology, to meet the needs of our customers,” says Peter Coleman, CEO Cobra Biologics.


According to a statement, the strategic collaboration between QuiaPEG and Cobra will mean that customers will have access to a unique technology platform for early drug development, for life-cycle management, and for the improvement of existing drugs, so called biobetters.