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COVID-19: Bactiguard starts manufacturing disinfectants in Sweden

Jonas Östregard

Bactiguard launched the disinfectant HYDROCYN aqua in Sweden at the beginning of March and, since then, demand has been high.

As late as this weekend, products were flown in from the company’s production facility in Malaysia via a newly established air bridge. Now, work is in progress to start production in Sweden as well.

“In times like these, efficient logistics is extremely important in providing patients, healthcare providers and other critical societal functions with protective medical supplies. To ensure that we can meet the needs in the Swedish and European markets, we are now preparing to start up production at Bactiguard’s facility in Tullinge,” says Jonas Östregård, SVP Sales & Marketing. “We received permission from the Swedish Chemicals Agency last Friday. The matter was dealt with very quickly due to the lack of disinfectants in the market. If everything goes according to plan, we hope to be able to get started within a couple of weeks, which would mean a substantial increase in capacity and the opportunity to launch the product in more markets.”

Significant effect in inactivating previous variants of coronavirus within 15 seconds

HYDROCYN aqua is a pH neutral and water-based solution for hand disinfection, surface disinfection and wound wash which has demon­strated a significant effect in inactivating previous variants of coronavirus within 15 seconds. Unlike alcohol and chlorhexidine, it isn’t irritating, toxic or harmful to the body. The active substance is hypochlorous acid (HOCI). The product is CE marked (EU approved) and registered by the FDA in the US. For the time being, it is produced at the company’s production facility in Malaysia and then flown or shipped to Sweden.

Photo of Johan Östregård: Bactiguard