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Crelab Instruments AB

Crelab Instruments AB was founded in 1995 as a marketing and service company for low flow LC/MS chromatography instrumentation and have since than provided advanced laboratory equipment, accessories and consumables. 

Crelab represents, on a Nordic basis, several well-known manufacturers of analytical laboratory instruments with unique applications.

Our goal is that every client should receive the support and help it takes to get a satisfied customer.

We offer solutions for:

  • Chromatography HPLC, GC, GC-MS, nanoLC, UHPLC,
  • HPLC-EC and auto injectors, spectrometry, capillary and electrophoresis.
  • Total solutions including the very latest technology in LC-GC-MS
  • Peripherals such as detectors, degassers,  accessories and consumables
  • Particle Analysis: Unique method for particle sizes down to a few nanometres!

Crelab Instruments has a good reputation based on high knowledge, qualified service and support.

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  • Crelab Instruments

    Kalvhagen 20, 427 50 Billdal

    Helen Andersson CFO
    Phone: +46 31 748 96 26
    E-mail: helen.andersson@crelab.se


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