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Excellence in Proving Your Concept

Clinical Research Services Turku-CRST Oy is a Finnish contract research organization (CRO) with over 20 years of experience of running clinical trials in our own unit. CRST Oy is run by experienced specialists with in-depth understanding of basic and clinical pharmacology and drug development including clinical management. CRST’s core expertise lies in the understanding of disease mechanisms. Specialists from different fields participate in CRST’s operations as principal investigators and scientific consultants We have worked with 7/10 biggest pharma companies in addition to many small and midsize companies with excellent customer satisfaction, over 90 % of customers return with next project. CRST’s services comprise clinical study design, study conduct and reporting, and regulatory affairs.

Our services include:

Phase I Clinical Pharmacology:

We have over 20 years of experience in conducting clinical pharmacology studies (First in Human, SAD, MAD, Early Precision QT, BA/BE, interaction studies etc.) in healthy volunteers and patients.

Proof of Concept:

We use scientific expertise to support your company’s go/no-go decisions by providing important clinical information on the behavior of your drug candidate. We are specialized in Phase I-II clinical studies that employ imaging and other biomarkers as surrogate endpoints. We have long experience in clinical trials involving PET imaging and access to over 40 tracers.

Efficacy studies:

Our clinical experience covers many pharmacodynamic variables in CNS, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders as well other areas. Surrogate endpoints used in pharmacodynamic studies are typically molecular biomarkers in biological fluids, imaging biomarkers, or clinical physiological or neuropsychological measures. We have experience from early, phase I-IIa efficacy studies as the main study site and from later, phase II-IV multi-centre studies as a clinical study site.

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