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Customized resins – much more than just a tailored purification solution

The emergence of new technologies at the forefront of new drug development, for example gene therapy, is driving a demand for tailor-made solutions and cutting-edge expertise throughout the biopharma industry. An increasing demand for needs-adapted molecular therapeutics is placing high demands on suppliers, and, not least, on suppliers of purification solutions.

Customers want tailor-made chromatography resins that guarantee results and optimal performance. This trend favors new players such as Bio-Works, which can be nimble and flexible in developing solutions optimized for new molecular structures.

For a biopharmaceutical company currently using off-the-shelf purification solutions that are not giving the performance needed, a good solution is to order a customized chromatography resin, developed precisely for the target molecule and process. But it may seem like a big step to take.

Laura Mesas is Bio-Works new manager of customized resin projects with long experience of developing tailored solutions for customers. Laura has so-far worked in product development and R&D at Bio-Works for seven years and together with her colleagues has worked on a large variety of customization projects.

“We’ve seen the interest increase constantly for tailored solutions. So now we’re formalizing our customization offering and spreading the word that we’re open to discussing even more and all kinds of projects,” says Laura.

Although it might seem a big step to embark on a project to design a customized resin, the benefits are far more than merely the final product. An immediate benefit is the access to the know-how of the people that develop and manufacture the resins. Working with and understanding the purification process and the resins is what they do all day. You also have access to specialized facilities and equipment that your own lab may not have. Delivery of regulatory support documents can also be included in a project.

These are certainly the benefits that Bio-Works have seen in the projects so far that have resulted in some exciting solutions, as well as advancing the knowledge and experience of everyone involved.

“When Biopharma process developers work with us we all learn such a lot that the benefits live on much longer than the project,” says Laura.

Bio-Works will take on smaller projects that larger suppliers won’t consider. It may even be, for example, that a solution is not the resins themselves but the storage conditions or shipping conditions that larger companies are not prepared to change. Or the packing format. Delivery of the resin prepacked in the most suitable Bio-Works GoBioTM prepacked column sizes could be the key to the success of a project.

“A central part of Bio-Works’ business idea is to contribute to driving innovation in the industry. That’s why this is important to us, we want to be right at the forefront of these exciting new developments,” says Laura.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll discuss what we can do together.”

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