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Cyxone receives green light to start Phase 2b study

Carl-Magnus Högerkorp

Cyxone has received approvals from the Medical Product Agency and the Central Ethics Committee in Poland to start a clinical Phase 2b study with its drug candidate Rabeximod, which is being developed as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

“The approval is a very important milestone for us. Cyxone have now finally the possibility to initiate the greatest and foremost value-building activity ever in the company’s history. Receiving this green light from Poland, which will be the most important country for the upcoming study, is really great and a big achievement. We are now looking forward to continuing working towards our goal to be able to offer a safe and user-friendly treatment which also contributes to improved quality of life for the patient,” says Carl-Magnus Högerkorp, acting CEO, Cyxone.

About the Phase 2b study

The study is a multicenter, randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical study where patients with moderate to severe RA, who have previously been treated with methotrexate with inadequate response, will be treated with Rabeximod for 24 weeks. The aim of the study is to confirm the therapeutic efficacy of Rabeximod in this patient population, as well as to expand the safety data documentation, describes the company in a press release.


Rabeximod is an orally available Phase 2 candidate drug. Rabeximod selectively targets the inflammatory macrophage, a type of white blood cell which is the central orchestrator of the inflammatory process that causes tissue destruction and clinical symptoms in RA. Combined with the convenience of oral administration and a beneficial tolerability profile, this opens up for treatment in the early as well as later stages of the disease, states the company in its press release. It is believed to be particularly effective at onset and relapses of RA, with good potential to prevent joint destruction and progression of the disease, the company states.

Photo of Carl-Magnus Högerkorp: Cyxone