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Danes welcome Robots

Robot hand holding globe, 3D image

A new report from the European Commission shows that Danes hold the European title of being most open to the use of robots, an attitude that makes Denmark a highly attractive place for testing and introducing new welfare and health technology, also to foreign companies.

84 percent of the Danes generally have a positive view of robots according to the new survey conducted by Eurobarometer for the European Commission. This makes Denmark, together with Sweden, the country in Europe which is most positive towards the use of new robot Technologies in society. Moreover, 88 percent of the Danes agree that robots are good for society because they can relieve and help people, according to Invest in Denmark.

The positive outlook could be a reflection of the fact that Danes are proven early adopters of new technologies, and Denmark has a record-high level of digitisation in the public sector as well as many innovative ICT companies. As a result, Denmark offers an ideal living lab for testing new technologies and introducing new solutions.

The EU study is based on 27,801 interviews conducted in each of the 28 European member countries.

Source: Invest in Denmark