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Danish biotech company among top SMEs

The European Association for Bioindustries has announced the top five biotech SMEs in Europe and Danish Biosyntia is among the five contenders.

Biosyntia and the other four companies will compete to win the award as the ‘Most Innovative EU Biotech SME’. The other contenders are UK-based healthcare biotech company, Autifony; the Italian industrial biotech company, Bio-on; the French biopharmaceutical company, Erytech Pharma; and the Dutch biotechnology company, to-BBB. The five candidates were selected from a total of 35 applicants.

Biosyntia is a Danish industrial biotech SME, that provides fermentation solutions to chemical manufacturing companies. Their core technology RIBOSELECT accelerates discovery of novel enzymes and pathways required for cell factory development, and cell factory optimization, based on E.coli and yeast. The platform allows cell factory development for any type of fine chemical (e.g. food ingredients, fragrances, colours, and blockbuster pharmaceuticals).