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Dignitana appoints DigniCap Dignitary

The company has appointed Sharon Yapoujian as a DigniCap Dignitary – the company’s patient advocacy and ambassador program.

The announcement supports Dignitana’s recognition of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in September, it states.

As a DigniCap Dignitary and ovarian cancer survivor, Yapoujian is eager to speak with cancer patients, especially women diagnosed with gynecological cancers like hers, about her personal scalp cooling experience. She will offer insights into hair care, comfort measures, emotional challenges, and differences between manual and automatic scalp cooling treatment options.

“Our DigniCap Dignitaries speak from a place of strength, persistence, and wisdom. They are using their voices to tell stories that only they can tell,” says William Cronin, Chief Executive Officer of Dignitana AB. “As more cancer centers offer scalp cooling to patients diagnosed with ovarian and other solid tumors, we know that Sharon’s experience will be deeply helpful to many. We are proud to include Sharon among our Dignitaries and appreciate her willingness to share personal experiences with others just beginning their cancer journeys.”

About the DigniCap Dignitaries Program

Launched in 2017, the DigniCap Dignitaries Program is an ever-expanding group of individuals who have used The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System and are passionate about playing a key role in increasing awareness about scalp cooling treatment for chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Through this program, Dignitaries connect with people and communities about how scalp cooling technology has positively improved quality of life during their cancer treatment.

“Identity, privacy and confidence became important and very personal concerns when I was diagnosed with cancer and put on a chemotherapy regimen,” said DigniCap Dignitary Sharon Yapoujian. “I’m incredibly honored by this opportunity to help others who I’m sure will have tons of questions, just as I did. To have someone who can help you know what to expect is so important. I can’t wait to connect with other cancer patients looking to keep their hair during chemo.”

Sharon Yapoujian

Sharon Yapoujian hails from Aiken, South Carolina where she is an avid equestrian, a wife, and the mother of a three-year-old daughter. In April 2019 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her medical team recommended she use DigniCap to maintain a sense of normalcy for herself, her husband, and, most importantly, her daughter. Through the DigniCap Dignitaries program Sharon will use her knowledge, positivity, and tenacity to serve as a beacon to others facing cancer and chemotherapy.

Image caption: Sharon Yapoujian competing on horseback